Writer in Residence Summer/Fall

at the Dept. of Make Believe

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Introducing Brooke Doaks

Writer in Residence at the Dept. of Make Believe

To launch our Writer in Residence program, we invited poet, teaching artist, and activist Brook Doaks to take up space in our magical bureaucracy this summer and fall.

She is currently working on her second book and community project, Deshret. Brooke encourages community members to pop round our store (2301 Telegraph) on Saturdays from 11am to 5pm and participate in her articulation exercises centered around issues of identity, race, origins, self, awakening, and nothingness.

Brooke will house her community engagement series Goddessflow Presents at Chapter 510 for the summer and fall and will be curating all three of our upcoming First Friday open houses.

Brooke Doaks is a poet, artist, and visionary. She is the founder and creative director of Goddessflow Presents, an engagement series highlighting the black feminine divine. She earned her BA from Columbia College. Her forthcoming collection of poetry, A Grey Soul, will be published 2016. She's produced MTV2 featured music video "World Famous" by Brandun Deshay as well as a PSA for Greenpeace and short films. Brooke’s dedication to social justice movements has lead her to organize for organizations such as Greenpeace, the DNC, Action Now and SEIU. She worked as a community organizer during the Chicago Teacher's Union strike where she organized one of the first Freedom Schools in the country. Brooke was one of the featured curators of "The Hundy," an Oakland poetry festival and a reader at last year's Beast Crawl. When she's not hiding in nature, you can find Brooke at Chapter 510 mentoring youth. You can listed to her poetics on her soundcloud here.