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What If an Artist Ruled the World
Si Un Artista Dirigiera El Mundo

A Spanish/English Anthology by some of Oakland’s Youngest and most Amazing Writers

We can't help but agree with Chinaka Hodge in the What if An Artist Ruled the World forward that "the poets are like the inhabitants of Oakland. They’re fearless, hilarious, subtle, probing, surprising and deft. They’re amazing. I can’t wait until they rule the world." Chapter 510 poets take on the sounds of Harlem Renaissance jazz, the feeling of bread dough between your fingers and, of course, the big question – what if an artist really ruled the world?


Whispers From The Edge of The Solar System

Out of this World Poetry by Oakland Youth

Chapter 510 published a far out pop-up book of poems written and illustrated by 2nd and 3rd graders at NOCCS with Pickypockets Press book maven Anna Kingsley. In it, stars explode from stanzas, rockets fly across sonnets and space worms pop out of unknown worlds. As Jessica, Marci and Lila say in the title poem, The moon dust is saying in a spooky voice I see you… The cold wind gods of the planets / dance in a circle singing songs.
It’s quite a trip!

Ten Stories - One Dream

Tales of the Oakland Immigrant Experience

A young writer and MetWest student, Rosario G Sanchez Cervantes, published her first book with Chapter 510! Ten Oakland residents share their stories of immigrating to the United States. “Every story is important to me,” Rosario shares. Chapter 510 is so proud to have young writers like Rosario touch on these exceptionally relevant issues!

IMG_20170228_112204 copy.jpg

Hanging Out With Jelly Roll

A Jazzy Set of Poems Vibrating with Harlem Blues

Who isn’t inspired by the Harlem Renaissance? This handmade, recycled LP cover collection of poems by 2nd grade students at NOCCS in North Oakland celebrates the sights and sounds of the Harlem Renaissance jazz scene.

No One is The Boss of Yeast

This handmade collection of poems is brought to you by K-1 students at NOCCS from March 2012. 

We were so happy to be a small part of the famous bread unit at NOCCS, an impressively rich curriculum packed with all the best ingredients to stimulate deep learning.