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First Friday Open House: An Evening of Far Off Ideas


Join us for an evening hosted by the Prime Minister of Far Off Ideas featuring student work from over 10 newly published books written by Hoover, Allendale, Acorn, Dover & Maya Lin Elementary schools.

You can also try your hand at writing a story in a short amount of time, eat tacos from Two Mamacitas Pop Up Kitchen, and listed to jams by XCAIROX. 

And try not to get heckled by the ever-grumpy P.M. who has written this important MEMO:

Though I take pleasure in very little, it is my great pleasure to announce the publishing many new books by the Bureau of Far Off Ideas. These stories were so imaginative and creative, much better than that slop my adult employees come up with.

Zummies (zombies that are also mummies, naturally) trapped in a pyramid by an astronaut king! Super Ultra Mega Supergirl steps on Z-dog! A teleporting baboon! A giant chicken attacks a candy garden! A magical yellow house in the desert filled with magical things! Poisonous hotdogs and zombie cupcakes ruled by a queen sandwich! A volcano!

Please join me in congratulating these amazing authors from Hoover Elementary, Emerson Elementary, Allendale Elementary, and Dover Elementary.
The Prime Minister of Far Off Ideas