Chapter 510’s Epic Journey Home:
Expansion and Growth Campaign

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Our Mission

To help Oakland youth in need to write with confidence and joy.

Chapter 510 is a youth writing center made in Oakland, California. Side-by-side with local educators, our teaching artists and volunteers provide a supportive community and safe space for Oakland youth aged 6-18 so they can bravely write and publish their own words.

We believe that when kids and teens can confidently write, they transform themselves and their communities for the better.


The EPIC Campaign

Like any well-written literary hero, Chapter 510 is facing an epic journey. We will set out from the comforts of our our writing center where we have served Oakland youth for three years, and re-establish ourselves at a temporary location for two years while our building is razed and rebuilt to better serve the needs of our community.

To fund this odyssey, we are launching a multi-year comprehensive campaign that will invest in our future sustainability while continuing to increase the number of youth we serve each year.


The Budget

The Goal: $3,000,000 over three years


$450,000 over three years for operational management, fundraising, business insurance, moving costs, rent, communications, and oversight of the build-out and relocation.


The Building

$700,000: 3,500 sq./ft. build-out from demolition to completion
$150,000: Custom Dept. of Make Believe interactive machinery, pneumatic tube system + writing center “interconnected writing fort” structure
$100,000: Architectural and interior design fees

Total Building Budget: $950,000


$1,000,000 in staffing development over three years: Staff will grow from 2 FTE founders to 7 FTE staff members & 4 FTE Americorps Service Members.


$600,000 to grow current programming from serving 500 to 2,500-3,000 Oakland youth within three years, including the launch of daily after-school tutoring upon return to the new center in the fall of 2020.


The EPIC Timeline

IN 2018

  • April: Chapter 510 will launch our EPIC Journey (the campaign) at a house party where we hope to be able to announce a lead gift

  • April: Hire a .80 PT Development Director to lead the campaign

  • August: hire 3 AmeriCorps service members

  • 2018: Program expands from serving 500 to 1,000 young writers in Oakland

IN 2019

  • March: move to a temporary space - Deposits and fees for contractors and architect for the build out + moving expenses = $350,000

  • April: break ground

  • 2019: Programs maintain in schools and at our center depending on the space we secure for our temporary home

  • 2019: hire a Director of Programs and a Volunteer & Community Engagement Manager

  • 2019: programs grow in schools and at our center to serving 1,500 young writers

IN 2020

  • TBD: space is completed and we move back in between March-August, depending on the construction realities

  • 2020 fees to complete the build out will be apx. $625,000, includes final step: custom build of the Dept of Make Believe, pneumatic tube system, machined interactives, and a writing fort structure in the writing center

  • August: hire a Store Manager/Communications Manager & an After-School Program Coordinator

  • 2020: programs at full steam: programming 6 days a week with the launch of our free after-school tutoring center, Saturday writing workshops, field trips at our center twice per week, spring and summer writing camps, in-school book projects and in-school mentoring at MetWest: over 2,500 students served annually

IN 2021

  • TBD: We did it! The journey from home back to home will be completed. By December of 2021, we will have raised $3,000,000, built Oakland’s very first magical writing center (and bureaucracy), grown our staff from 2 to 11 and our annual budget from $350,000 to $850,000. We will have increased by 2,000 students the number of Oakland youth we serve annually.

  • We will continue to deepen our programs and partnerships with OUSD schools, adding middle school partnerships and programming, and start planning to open writing rooms at Acorn Elementary and Hoover Elementary.


Companions for the Journey

Kindness and sacrifice recur as common traits among our hero’s travel companions. Chapter 510 invites you to join us on our EPIC adventure.

We believe that it’s crucial to give credit to those who help Chapter 510 make its way home again. Donors who give at least $50,000 (over three years) will be eligible to have their partnership memorialized at our new home.

Suggested naming opportunities include:

Writing Lab: $500,000
Bookbinding Studio: $250,000
Stage: $100,000
Pneumatic Tube System: $100,000
Foundation (floor tiles/wall): $50,000

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